3D Configurator


A project of epic proportions. Creating a 3D configurator for one of the leading buggy brands in the world. A complex solution packaged in a user-friendly interface.







During my time at Jaagers I had the privilege of working for amazing projects. This one was one of my favorites. Especially because it touched people’s emotions. Imagine being a soon to be parent. You’re in an emotional rollercoaster of joy, excitement, and stress. Oh, let’s not forget swollen feet, the fact that everything smells and the pressure of buying the right stuff for your baby. Creating a product that helped people in this journey meant a lot to me. 

For this project I collaborated with the marketing team at Dorel (parent company of Quinny). We used data from several stores, conducted interviews with (soon-to-be) parents and mapped out a ton of customer journeys.

Quinny wanted to expand customization capabilities of their products which allowed customers to create a unique product which not only looked the part but also had an emotional attachment.

After conducting our research, we learned that customizing a buggy focusing on parts with a ton of options alone wouldn’t be the way to go. Users got indecisive quickly and had difficulties in selecting parts with different purposes that didn’t match their lifestyle.

Our solution was to create a 3d configurator which incorporated several packages that conformed to phases of a child growth from infant to toddler. Each package contained pre-selected items which affected parts you could choose in the following steps.

We then incorporated an in-store-view on which users could customize their stroller with (if needed of course) guidance of store employees. The configurator also featured a saving functionality which generated a unique code which users could use to proceed with a customization at home or share with friends.

Combined with a stunning 3D view of the buggy which was rendered in real time with none to small latency the 3D configurator of Quinny was an epic piece of kit.